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Trilogi Ketiga Cerita yang ditulis siswa dalam rangka mempersiapkan story telling contest 2010

Assalammualaikum wr. wb

The honorable juries and teachers and all my friends.

My name is Muhammad Arif Putra from SMP Negeri 3 Kalibagor.

I will tell you a story about Delecious Stone Soup

Many years ago there was a battle in Europe

German defeated England troops.

there was a horrible battle

it made hundred thousands even more destroyed houses at the battle zone

even they didn’t care about children and women

almost all have been killed

About a week days and night without rest.

At last German soldier won the battle.

Only about 100 English soldiers who have been saved and stayed alive.

But their conditions were very miserable.

their bodies were in bad injures

most lost one from their hands, feet

and being wounded.

After the bettle they walked for hours even days and nights without drinks and food

they tried to get a drop of water and a bite of food to save their lives.

After they walked for 5 days and nights

they found destroyed housing complex

with almost nothing left by the bombs, cannons, and other heavy weapons.

They thought they could find clean and fresh water to drink

But all wells filled with blood,  deads and broken weapons.

In a dispair they saw a small light looked like a candle from a house

It was still stood weak almost to collapse

but it was the only place that they could hope

They knock at the door

An old woman opened the door for them

They ask for drink or food

“sorry I don’t have enough food for you all even it’s still not enough for my six children”, the women answered.

“Do you have a well of water” the solodier asked

“Yes, I have a well with a little water” she answered

“We can make delecious stone soup”, the soldier said happily


“stone soup?”

“You must be joking” the old woman commented.

Then the soldier asked, ” Can I borrow a stove?”

“Yes you can” answered the old woman

He boiled the water

After a moment he put a stone from his bag to the pot and said

“It will be a nice dinner”

”Can I have some salt?”

“Sure” said the old lady

Then they talked about the war condition until he said,

“Some vegetables would make the soup amazing, can you add any madam?”

“Of course“ answered the old lady

An hour later after they add meat, onion and pepper,

he said loudly

”The delecious stone soup is ready to be served for all of us”.

That night the soldier and the lady’s big family had nice soup

After the soldier silently took the stone out of the pot

They all were very happy

Because they were save alive after the battle

This is the end of the story

Thank you for your attention.

Wassalammualaikum wr.wb.

Trilogi Cerita yang ditulis siswa dalam rangka mempersiapkan story telling contest 2010

Assalamu ‘alaikum wr.wb.

Dear juries, all friends and the honorable teachers.

My name is Ayu Lestari from SMP Negeri 3 Kalibagor.

I will tell you a story about Javanese Alphabets.

The title is AJISAKA.

A long time ago,

a brave young man arrived in Medhang Kamulan.

He was Ajisaka.

He has two servants.Their names were Dora and Sembada.

Dora lived with him.

Whereas Sembada lived in Majethi.

He stayed there under the order of his master to guard the beautiful land

and a magic Keris.

Ajisaka told him not to give them to any body else, except him.

Time passed by, Ajisaka and Dora settled in Medhang Kamulan.

It was almost an empty land.

After he got information, it was because of the cannibal king.

The king always ate his people one by one everyday.

So some people died as the daily menu of the king

And the others escaped the country to save themselves.

Ajisaka thought it should be stopped.

So he gave himself to the King, Dewata Cengkar.

“Your majesty, if you cannot find other people anymore,

I am ready to be your next dine”. Ajisaka said.

“Ha…ha…ha… you must be very delicious.” Dewata Cengkar commented.

Then he added, “you are still young, handsome and clean, mmmm….nice flesh.” “What do you want before you die, handsome?” he offered.

“Well, I don’t want much, only a piece of land, Your Majesty.” He said.

“Wa…ha….ha…. one hectare, two, three or twenty five?” Dewata Cengkar asked. “Oh no master, only as wide as my turban.” Ajisaka answered.

He, then, took of his turban and threw it to the ground.

To his surprise, the turban grew bigger and bigger.

It was covering all the country of Medang Kamulan.

Reaching the edge of the beaches.

Prabu Dewata Cengkar was very angry.

He attacked Ajisaka,

but the magic turban even wrapped his body and threw him to the sea.

Dewata Cengkar died.

Ajisaka became the king of Medhang Kamulan.

Then he remembered his servant Sembada in Majethi.

Therefore, he asked Dora to go there taking his Keris.

Arriving there, Sembada refused to give it.

One order he remembered was “I am not allowed to give it to anybody else, except, his master, Ajisaka.”

A quarrel was unavoided.

Dora and Sembada wanted to be good messengers.

Both were powerful.

And both died.

After Ajisaka knew it. He regretted

He realized his mistake.

He said,

Ho No Co RO Ko = there were two messengers

Do TO SO Wo Lo = they were quarrelling

Po Do Jo Yo Nyo = They were equally powerful

Mo Go Bo Tho Ngo = they were bothe killed

And these characters  were written to be a manuscript.

The manuscript becomes the Javanese alphabets.

Until this time.

That is the end of the story. Thank you for your attention.

Wassalamu ‘alaikum wr.wb.

3 narrative stories students have written to prepare story telling contest 2010

Assalamu ‘alaikum wr.wb.

Dear juries, beloved friends and all the audiences. I am Riska Noviayu from SMP Negeri 3 Kalibagor would like to tell you a story entitled THE PRINCE AND THE POOR BOY

Long ago, there were two beggars lived in a dirty place called Offal Court in London. They were Tom and his father. They usually look for food among the city rubbish.

One day, Tom went for a walk, and found the castle. He went to the big gateway and looked at the golden bars. He saw a boy wearing lovely silks and satins. “He is prince!”, Tom said.

Tom put his face among the gate bars. One of the soldiers shouted, and pushed him away. But the young prince stopped it. He said to Tom “Poor boy, come in to my apartment.” said the prince.

Soon Tom was in a nice apartment in the castle with the prince. The prince asked him, “How do you go for a walk freely?”

“I never did it”, he added. “Once I went around the city, many guards accompanied me everywhere. Never away.” He murmured.

The prince wondered how he lives and plays with his friends. The prince said, “What a fun it would be to do as you do, it’s so freely….”

“Let me wear your clothes, and I want to feel free for a moment.” The prince said softly. And they changed each others clothes. A few minutes later, the prince was wearing Tom`s rags, and Tom was in the royal dress. Tom looked like a real prince and the prince looked like a real beggar.

The prince came out of the castle and went to Tom`s house. Then, Tom`s father came in front of the prince and he said “Out at this time of night again and you get nothing?”

But the prince said “I`m the Prince of Wales. Take me to the king.”

The father was surprised and said “He`s gone mad, came along home, you bad boy!”

And his mother said “What is your name?”

“I am Edward, The Prince of Wales.” the prince said.

Tom`s mother thought him crazy. No one believed he was The Prince.

At the same time, in the castle, Tom in his exclusive dress behaved strangely in a dinner party.

He got every food impolitely. The King and the Queen were very shy and asked him to go to bed soon.

The next morning was the day for the new king inauguration.

The prince was prepared become the king, changing his father.

Tom insisted that he was not prince, “I am not the prince.”

But nobody cared about him.

“I am Tom, I am not Prince Edward.”

but he was called prince by all and he shouted again and again that he was not the Prince.

Everyone said, “Oh …. The prince has gone mad”.

Westminster Abbey was full of people waiting for the ceremony.

Noble music sounded and Tom was taken to the throne. The king lifted the crown of England. He held it

over the trembling boy`s head.

Suddenly, Tom noticed a bareheaded boy in rough clothes ran up the aisle.

“He is the prince …. and I am not.”

Everybody was surprised by how similar they looked.

Their astonishments were answered by Tom and the Prince explanations.

Finally, Prince Edward became a good and wise King of Wales. The people loved him very much.

Tom was admitted to become one of the aristocrat members of the Kingdom.

That is the end of the story. Thank you for your attention.

Wassalamu ‘alaikum wr.wb.


Bacaan-bacaan berupa cerita pendek yang menarik dalam Bahasa Inggris. Selamat Menikmati

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Report on animals:

Report about Komodo dragon

By Adi S and Iman H

What being reported KOMODO DRAGON General Information
Definition The komodo dragon(varanus komodoensis) is a species of lizard that in habitats the islands of komodo ,Rinca,Flores,and Gili Motang in Indonesia.
Description of Anatomy It is the largest living species of lizard,growing to an average length of 2 to 3 meters(6.6 to 9.8 ft)and weighing around 70 kilo grams(150 lb). Specific Information
Description of Habitats The komodo dragon is a species of lizard that in habitats  the islands of komodo ,Rinca,Flores,and Gili Motang in Indonesia.
Description of Diet Although komodo dragon eat mostly carrion they will also hunt and ambush prey including ivertebrates birds,and mammals.
Description of….
Description of….
Description of….

Adapted from



What being reported CROCODILE General Information
Definition Crocodiles are among the more biologically complex reptiles despite their prehistoric look.
Description of Anatomy…. The crocodile’s bite force is more than 5,000 pounds per square inch (340 atm),compared to just 335 pounds. Specific Information
Description of Habitat…. They have webbed feet which, although not used to propel the animal through the water ,allow it to make fast turns and sudden moves in the water or initiate swimming
Description of Diet…. They eat of a meat
Description of….
Description of….
Description of….

Adapted of animal wikipedia



What being reported SHEEP General Information
Definition Domestik Sheep (ovis aries) are quadrupedal ruminat mama lastypically kept as lives tock like all ruminants Sheep are members of the order Artiodactyla the even toed ungulates .
Description of anatomy…. Specific Information
Description of Habitat…. In the modern are Australia , New Zealand the southern and Central South American nation and the british.
Description of Diet…. Purposes Sheep are raised for Fleele meat (lamb hogget or mutton) and milk.
Description of Reprodction….
Description of….
Description of….

Adapted from



What being reported IGUANA General Information
Definition A few species of iguanas like the fiji banded iguana are however found out side the new world
Description of…Anatomy. The respond to visual stimulus of colors such as orange, yellow pink and in rare cases blue as food substances Specific Information
Description of…Habitat. The habitat of iguana are of central and south America and the caribian.the genus was first described by Austrian naturalist josep Nicolaus laurenti
Description of….
Description of….
Description of….
Description of….

Adapted from ketik sumber



What being reported HIPPOPOTAMUS General Information
Definition The Hippopotamus [hippopotamus amphibious] or hippo{Greek:Hippopotamus,from,hippos,”horse”,and potamus,”river”}
Description of Anatomy Despite their physical resume balance to pigs and other terrestrial even toed ungulates Specific Information
Description of Habitat Greek:Hippopotamus,from,hippos,”horse”,and potamus,”river.
Description of Diet They emerge at dusk to graze and grass
Description of  Reproduction During the day they remain cool by staying in the water mud: reproduction childbirth both occur in water
Description of Attitude Urung ketemu
Description of….

Adapted from

Report About ANOA

BY Dwi Arin and Destika

What being reported ANOA General Information
Definition Anoa are a subgenus of buffalo comprising two species native to Indonesia : the mountain anoa ( bubalus quarlesi )and the lowland anoa ( bubalus desprressicomis )
Description of Anatomy Both, live in undisturbed forest, and are essentially miniature water buffalo, are similar in appearance to a deer, weighing 150 – 300 kg ( 330 – 660 lb ) Specific Information
Description of habitat Both are found on the island of sulawesi in Indonesia the   mountain anoa is also found on the nearby island of button.
Description of Reproduction They apparently live singly or in pairs, rather than herds ,except when, the cows are about to give birth, one young is born per year.
Description of….
Description of….
Description of….

Adapted from



What being reported ANACONDA General Information
Definition The anaconda is almost the word’s longest snake rivaled only by the reticulated Python reticulates. It is the most massive of all known snake species.
Description of Anatomy…. Reports of monstrous ones ranging from 40-50 m(120 to 150 feet) and weighing 5 tons exist these are regarded as highly dubious and extremely unlikely. Although the python may be longer, the anaconda is considered the heaviest snake, the heaviest specimen found weighed around 250 kg. the longest and heaviest specimen, recorded by scientist, was a female with a total length of 521 cm and 97,5 kg. Specific Information
Description of Habitat…. Live in South America in countries east of the Andes, including Colombia, Venezuela, the Guiana, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and on the island of Trinidad.
Description of Diet…. They eat a wide variety of prey, almost anything the can manage to overpower, including fist, birds a variety of mammals and other reptiles.
Description of Reproduction…. Mating is followed by a gestation period that last approximately 6-7 months. The anaconda is ovoviviparous.
Description of Attitude…. The primat
Description of….

Adapted wikipedia

Report About Koala

By Nanda, Putri and Tri IX B

What being reported Koala General Information
Definition Koala (phascolarctos cinereus) is one of the Marsupial animal (Marsupials).characteristic of Australia and is the soul representative of the family Pascolarctidae.
Description of Anatomy Similar koala wombat. But, have thicker coat and soft large ears, and an accomplice longer equipped with large claws and long to help him climb. Weighing range from 14 kg to a large southern male, up to 5 kg for the small northern females. Specific Information
Description of Habitat Koala can be found along the east coast of Australia from Adelaide to Cape York Peninsula.
Description of Diet Koala lives on eucalyptus leaves
Description of Reproduction Koala has a strong cry puller that can be heard almost a mile in the mating season. Koalas have a low metabolic rave for a mammal.
Description of Attitude Koalas generally consume 500 gram of eucalyptus leaves a day. In general many say that the word koala comes from the native Australian who is not drinking. Koalas actually drink water but very rarely because of the food and the rest without moving around 20 hours a day
Description of….

Adapted from

Report about whale

By novi,wati,tika 9b

What being reported whale General Information
Definition Whale is the common name for marine mammals of the order cetacea.For centuries,whale have been hunted for meat and as a source of raw materials.By the midle of the 20th century,however,industrial whaling had left many species seriously endangered and whaling was ended in all but a few countries.
Description of…. -The blue whale is the largest known mammals that has ever lived, and the largest living animal, at up to 35m (105 ft) long and 150 tons 

-Whales generally live for 40-90 years

-Showingthe whale to between 115 and 130 years old

Specific Information
Description of…. -From the kashmir ragion of India
Description of…. -whales are widely classed as predators,but their food rangers from microsofis plankton to very large fish and,in the case of orcas.
Description of…. -Reproduction maturity accours typically at seven to then years. 

-This mode of reproduction spawens few off spring , but provides each with hight survival

Description of….
Description of….

Adapted from ketik



What being reported PENGUIN General Information
Definition Penguin may come from the latin pinguis.”fat”.This is supported by the fact the corresponding words in most other languages Ce .g French pinguin.German penguin have instead of eas the first vowel.
Description of Anatomy Orces swim by an ice berg with Adelie penguins in the ross sea. Antartica the drygalski ice tongue is visible in the back ground.Penguins are superbly adapted to an   aquatic life their  vestigial wings have become flippers,useless for flight in the air in the water however penguins are asthonishingly agile. Specific Information
Description of Habitat Altough all penguins species are native to the southern hemisplee they are not found only in cold climates such as Antarctica in fact only few species of penguins actually live so far south At leas species live in the temperate zone.
Description of….
Description of….
Description of….
Description of….

Adapted from www

Report about Polar Bear

By Richo, Iqbal,dan Echo N  class : IX B

What being reported Polar Bear General Information
Definition The Polar Bear (Ursus Maritimus) is a bear native largely within the Arctic circle encompassing the Arctic Ocean. Polar Bear belongs to carnivore. The Polar Bear is classified as a vulnerable species. Although most Polar Bears are born on land, but they spends most of its times at sea, hence its name “Maritime Bear”.
Description of habitat Polar Bear spends most of its times at sea. Its preferred habitat is the annual sea ice covering the waters the continental shelf and the Arctic Archipelagos. Specific Information
Description of diet For hunting the seals which make up most of its diet and sometime they also eat fish.
Description of anatomy An adult male weight 350-680 kg (770-1.500 lb) and measure 2, 4-3 m (7, 9-9, 8 ft) in length. An adult female are roughly half the size of male and normally weight 150-249 kg (330-550 lb), measure 1, 8-2, 4 meters (5, 9-7, 9 ft) in length. When pregnant, its weight is 499 kg.
Description of reproduction Court ship and matting take place on the sea ice in April and May. To interesting female’s concern, an adult male follow the track of a breeding female for 100 km or more, and after finding her engage in intense fighting with other males over mating rights, fight witch often result in scars and broken teeth.    They fertilized egg remains in a suspended state until August or September. During these four months.
Description of….
Description of….

Adapted from

Report About Tortoise

ByWahyu,Arie,Sugiman IXB

What being reported TORTOISE General Information
Definition The Galapagos Totoise (geochelone nigra)is the larges living tortoise,native to seven island of the Galapagos archipelago.Population fell dramatically because of hunting and the introduction of predators and graers by human since the seventeenth century
Description of Anatomy Fully grown adults can weigh over 300 kg (661lbs) and measure 1,2meters (4ft) .They are long lived with a live expectancy in the wild estimated to be 100-150 years . Specific Information
Description of Habitat Habitat Tortoise is of the Galaphagos archipelago.And hundes of capative bed juvelines have been.
Description of Diet
Description of Reproduction Along with longer neck and limbs,this allowes then to brose teller vegetation.On these drier island.
Description of Attitude Sexsual dimorphism is more apparent in the “intermrdiate” and saddleback populations since males angled and higher front openings.
Description of….

Adapted from WWW. Wilkipedia .org

Report on Gorilla

By Adi,Heri,and jumono

What being reported Gorilla General Information
Definition Gorilla are the larges of the lifing primates
Description of anatomy Gorilla have big and shoort Specific Information
Description of habitat Gorila as live in tropical of subtropical froest.althugh their rarge cofers asmsll percentage of Africa.their in habitat the forest of central Africa.
Description of diet They are groun-dwelling and predominately herbivoraus of fruits.
Description of reproduction Gestation is 8,5 months there are typically 3 to 4year betewwen fants stay with their mothers for 3-4 years.females mature at 10-12 years (earlier in captifity) males at 11-13 years.Live span is between 30-50 though there have exceptions.
Description of attitude Gorilla are divited into two sepecies and (stillunder debate as of 2008)either four or five subs pesies.
Description of

Adapted from


By Adilla Rahayu dan Normawati

What being reported CHITAL General Information
Definition The chital of cheetal (Axis axis ), also known as chital, spotted deer or axis deer is a deer which commonly inhabits wooded regions of Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and India.
Description of Anatomy Its antlers, which it sheds annually, are usually three-pronged and curve in a lyre shape and may extend to 75 cm (2.5 ft). A Chital stands about 90 cm (3 ft) tall at the shoulder and masses about 85 kg (187 lb). Specific Information
Description of Habitat Of Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and India
Description of Diet Chital feed open tall grass and shrubs and hence they occur in such jungles
Description of Reproduction It has a protracted breeding season due in part to the tropical climate, and births can occur throughout the year.
Description of Attitude Axiss deer most commonly occur in herds of ten to fifty Individuals, with one or two stags and a numbers of females an youry
Description of Miscellaneous The Chital is called jinke in Kannada, Pulli Maan in Tamil, Duppi in Telugu , Phutuki Horin in Assamesse and Hiran in HindI/Urdu.

Adapted from

Reported abaut Mammoth

By Angger  Prabowo  and muhamad

What being reported Mammoth General Information
Definition Common name for the spesies
Description of Anatomy Their skulls are larger and flattes than those of mammoths,while their skeleton is stockies and more robust. Specific Information
Description of habitat. Alaskaand new England in the north,to florida,southe in california,and as far south as Honduras.
Description of diet Grass and water
Description of reproduction The will animal is mammoth from in alaska,and new England,to florida,southern california
Description of atitude Agresif and sensitif
Description of …. American mastodon is acommon name for the species mammoth amerikanum.

Adapted from



What being reported SQUIRREL General Information
Definition They eat seeds,berries and pine cones too.
Description of Anatomy…. The most common Europen Squirrel are red or brown in color,while common American Squirrel are usually grey or black Specific Information
Description of Habitat…. Eurasia and North America Europe.
Description of Diet…. Most squirrel are omnivores,they eat anything they find.Sometimes they eat bird’s eggs and insect.
Description of Reproduction…. Squirel have sex in februari and march in winter,and in june and juli in summer. Females my become pregnant up to twice a year
Description of Attituade…. Despite living in trees squirrels are considered flightlees because they can only jump short distances.
Description of…. Squirrels have many predators or enemies.Foxes and raccoons eat squirrels.Hawks and owls also eat squirrels.

Adapted from www.Squirrel

Reported About Phython

By Bening Ratri Wiji And Fitri Wulandari

What being reported Phython General Information
Definition Phython belong is to squamata order
Description of Anatomy Adults grow to over 28 feet (8,7m) in length and are the worlds longest snakes and longest reptile. Specific Information
Description of Habitat Found in southeast Asia from the Nicobar Islands, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore, east through Indonesia and the Indo-Australian Archipelago.
Description of Diet Their natural diet includes mammal and occasionally birds.
Description of Reproduction Oviparous, females lay between 15 and 80 eggs per clutch. At an optimum in cubation temperature of 31-320 C, the eggs take an average of 88 days to hatch.
Description of Attitude It is also associated with rivers and is found in areas with nearby streams and lakes. An excellent swimmer.
Description of Name The specific name is Latin meaning netlike, or reticulated, and is reference to the complex color pattern.

Adapted from

Report about penguin

By Dian and Tiyas

What being reported Penguin General Information
Definition Penguin lorder sphenisformes,family spheniedae are a group of aquatic,flightless birds living almost excelusively in the southern hemisphere,especially in antartica
Description of Anatomy…. Penguin have and average sense of hearing for birds;this is used by parents and chicks to locate one another in crowded colonies Specific Information
Description of Habitat…. Although all penguin special are native to the souther hemisphere, they are not fround only in cold climates such as antartica.Lives as four north as the Galapagos Island, this in only made possible by the cold.
Description of  Diet…. Penguin feed on kriil,fish, squid,and other forms of sealife caught while swimming underwates.
Description of Reproduction…. The penguin by egg one or two.
Description of Attitude…. Penguin of a swimming underwates
Description of Lifes…. Penguin life in Antartica

Adapted from

Reported About Hippopotamus

By Dimas,Yulianto,and Yunanto

What being reported HIPPOPOTAMUS General Information
Definition The Hippopotamus {Hippopotamus Amphibius}{from greek:Hippos Horse,Potamus,river}is alarge mammal of the Hippopotamidae Family.It is from Afrika.
Description of Anatomy Hippos have big and heavy bodies,dark grey skin and short legs. Specific Information
Description of Habitat Hippopotamuses live in Afrika.They live in and near fresh water,like lakes and rivers.
Description of Diet Hippopotamus are herbivores {eat grass}
Description of Reproduction Hippos are actually strong enough to break an alligator in half with one bite,but they are usually not violent unless something attacks their babies.
Description of Attitude They do not have large tusks,as elephants do,a hippo”s main defence is their extremely strong mouth.
Description of … They live in groups.Some times 30 Hippopotamuses will live in the some place.In day time they will sleep in the mud and water,but at night they come out to grass

Adapted from : www.hippipotamus

Reported on Piranha

By Fahrur Romadoni and Putra Shawal

What being reported Piranha General Information
Definition The total number o piranha species is unlenown and new species continue to be described in was wtated that fawer than a hal of appiox imatly 60 nominal species of piranhas at the time were valid.more recently (in 2003),one author recogzed a total of 38 or 39 species although the faldity of some taxa remains questionable.
Description of Anatomy…. Preyghator Specific Information
Description of Habitat…. Amazon basin
Description of Diet…. Freshwater fish
Description of Reproduction…. Piranha (inefitably iformer aquarium dwellers) have been introduced into park ok the united states with sepecmens occasionally found in the potomac river and even as far north as lake winnebogo in wirconsin.
Description of Attitude…. Brutal
Description of…. Piranha belong to the subfamily serrasalminae.Which also includes closely redafed herbivorous fis such as paces .Traditionally only the four genera pristobrycon,pygocentrus,pygorristis and seraslmus are considered to be true piranhas.

Adated from


By Gandari Puspaningrum and Rahmawati Aida Pratiwi

What being reported AROWANA General Information
Definition Arwanas are freshwater bony fish of the family Osteoglossidae, some times knows as “bony tangues” is derived from a toothed bone on the floor of the mouth, the tangue equipped with thet that bite agains thet on the roof of the mouth.
Description of Anatomy In this family of fishes, the head is bony and the elongate body is covered by large, heavy scales, with mocaic pattern of canals. Specific Information
Description of Reproduction They build nests and protecet the young after they hatch. Some species are mouthbrooders, the parents hololing sometimes hundreds of eggs in their mouth.
Description of Attitude Arowanas tend to merge in groups of five to eight any fewer may show an axcess of dominance and aggression. Osteoglosidess are carnivorous, often being specialized surface feeders.
Description of….
Description of….
Description of….

Adapted from


By Nama, Gayuh dan Reza

What being reported Anaconda General Information
Definition Anaconda is aften used to refer only to the common anaconda eunectes murinus.
Description of Anatomy Anaconda have big body and long body. Specific Information
Description of Habitat Non-venomous snake found in tropical south America.
Description of Diet Anaconda is carnivore.
Description of Reproduction Anaconda are actually strong enough to break on alligator in halk with one bite,but they usually not violent unless some thing attacks their baby.
Description of Attitude They do not human and wild animald
Description of History Anaconda in day time they will sleep,but at night they come out to eat mous

Adapted from www.Anaconda



What being reported DEER General Information
Definition Order:Aritodactyla
Description of ANATOMY…. Ruminant,stag:horned,female:chevrotain Specific Information
Description of HABITAT…. All forms 


Description of…DIET . Grass
Description of…REPRODUCTION. Animal from related families within the order artiodactyla are often  also considered to be deer – these inciude muntjac and water deer.
Description of ATTITUDE…. The musk deer of asia and water chevrotain
Description of…. For other uses,see dee (Disambiguation).’’Deers’’redirects here.’’fawn ”and ’’stag’’redirect here.for other uses,see fewn(di sambiguation)and stag (disambiguation).

Adapted from

Reported About Leopard

By Mirza and Mardianto,Febri

What being reported leopard General Information
Definition The leopard panthera pardus,is a member of the felidae family and the smallest,the other three being the tiger,lion and jaguar.
Description of anatomy . The leopard has relatively shortlegs and a long body.with a large skull Specific Information
Description of.habitat As many as 27 leopard subspecies were once suggested. The number growing from the time of Linnaeus in the 18 th century to that of Reginald pocock in the early 20 th.
Description of Diet MEAT
Description of Reproduction Leopard are actually strong enough to break an alligator in halk with one bite,but they not violent unless some thing at tacks their baby.
Description of attitude agresif
Description of name The leopard name,similar in many romance languages,derives rom the afrika.

Adapted from

Reported About Seals

By Eka Noviatun and Yesi Ana Margaretha Suwanto

What being reported SEALS General Information
Definition There animals are now regarded as forming only a sub-order of the carnivore,under the name pinnipedia.
Description of Anatomy The body is bulky,rather long,and generally clothed with smooth hair. Specific Information
Description of Habitat In the waters along the Atlantic coast of the United States as well as along the shores of Europe and Asia
Description of Diet fish
Description of Reproduction It is not alarge animal,sealdom exceeding five feet in length,is yellowish-grey a bove,blotched and spoted with dark brown,and the under surface of the body is white.
Description of Attitude The seals of Europe and Asia
Description of …. Its food is said to consist largely of shellfish and curtacea,but it will also eat fish

Adapted from


What being reported CHEETAH General Information
Definition Cheetah live in Africa but very few can be found in south Asia and India they live in they savannas
Description of anatomy Cheetah have short yellow fur with small black spots they are thin and slender and their heads are small and round Specific Information
Description of habitat Most cheetah live in Africa ,but very few can be found in south Asia and India
Description of reproduction After a pregnancy of about 95 days the female gives birth to usually 1-3 babies, young cheetah become mature at about 3 years. Cheetah can live to be 15 years old
Description of….
Description of….
Description of….
Adapted from


What being reported PINGUIN General Information
Definition Penguin is animals mammalian
Description of anatomy…. The temperate zone and one species. Specific Information
Description of diet…. Aldus average living I’m [3FT 7IN] tall and weigh 35KG [7516] or more.
Description of reproduction…. Lives near the equator the I ageist living species is the emperor penguin.
Description of habitat…. Word from welsh a welsh I is of ten sound sniffed to and eon the English long usage although all penguin species are native to southern hemps here.
Description of attitude…. The word penguin is tough by some to derive afflicted toed great In is eye cal though its heat ware black.
Description of…. Penguin if to welsh
Adapted from


What being reported CENDRAWASIH General Information
Definition Cendrawasih from is Papua of Indonesia to make tools and weapons by the indigenous population.
Description of Anatomy…. Combination of black, reddish brown orange yellow white blue green and purple. Specific Information
Description of Habitat…. of Papua, Indonesia
Description of Diet…. The diet of the cendrawasih is composed of seeds tubers corms fruits flowers and insects
Description of Reproduction …. The family has an of Papua Indonesia Kalimantan
Description of Attitude…. While singing at the top of the climb, this male wiggle to defer d direction sometimes even reversed depending on the climb however each species of course have a distinctive type of dance.
Description of Cendrawasih…. Parade sea pagoda paradise minor and slue cadis melanoma levee


Adapted from


What being reported Bear General Information
Definition Ursine redirects here. For the Village, see ursine, Nevada, For other uses, see Bear ( Disambiguation ).
Description of Anatomy A large body with stocky legs, a long snout, shaggy hair, Plant grade paws with five nonrestrictive claws, and a short tail. Specific Information
Description of Habitat The Northern Hemisphere and partially in the southern Hemisphere. Bear are found in the continent of North America, Shout America, Europe and Asia.
Description of Diet Both plants and animals.
Description of Reproduction Bears are mammals of the family ursine.
Description of Attitude They a generally diurnal, but may be active during the night ( nocturnal ) or twilight ( crepuscular ), particularly around humans. Bear are aided by and excellent sense of smell, and despite their heavy build and awkward gait, they can run quickly and are adept climbers an swimmers.
Description of Species While the polar bear is mostly carnivorous and the giant panda seeds almost entirely on bamboo, the remaining six species are omnivorous.
Adapted from

Report on animal
By Arif and Dedi

What being reported MOUSE DEER General Information
Definition I wanted to write about this fascinating creature, the mouse deer, for along time now. It is animal barely larger than a rabbit with large ears.
Description of Anatomy Body length: 70-75cm/2,3-2,5ft
Shoulder height: 30-35cm/12-14cm
Tail length: 8-10cm/3,2-4in
Weight: 5-8kg/11-17,6lb Specific Information
Description of Habitat In Malaysia and Borneo, Indonesia
Description of Diet Buds, leaves, fruit, and probably small amounts of animal food.
Description of Reproduction The female larger Malay mouse deer has the potential to be pregnant throughout her adult life, often having just a 1,5-3 hours break between giving birth and becoming pregnant again. The young are born fully developed.
Description of Attitude They can be tamed and domesticated easily, however, they are very delicate creatures
Description of species Species of Mouse Deer on Tragulus javanicus of Mouse deer if Malaysia and Borneo, Indonesia
Adapted from


What being reported RHINO CEROS General Information
Definition Is name used to group five expanding species of odd-toad ungulates in the family rhino ceros tided.
Description of Anatomy Two of these species are native to Africa and three to south thorn Asia. Specific Information
Description of Habitat Three of the five species-the Java, Sumatra an black rhino ceros-are critic vie endangered.
Description of Diet Thick protective skin, 1, 5-5cm thick. Formed from layers of collagen positioned in a lattice struck true, reality very small brains for mammals this size {400-600g}.
Description of Reproduction The rhino ceros family is characterized by its large size {one of the largest remaining mega fauna a live to day}.
Description of Attitude The white is registered as vulnerable, with approximately it, 500 remaining into wild as reported by the inter national rhino found ration.
Description of Rhino ceros Of then colloquially abbreviated rhino is name used to group five extant species of odd-toed ungulates in the family rhino ceros tide.
Adapted from


What being reported ANOA General Information
Definition The taxonomic class fiction of the anon is controversial and although debate continues over the existence of two species of anon, using cytochrome B gene heliotypes suggests the two lines are distinct species.
Description of….Anatomy Specific Information
Description of….Habitat The lowland anon is endemic to the Indonesia island of slowest and peripheral island is Indonesia the largest animal species of slowest lives in lowland old growth forest and seems to favors swampy areas within forest along the coast, including mangroves
Description of….Diet Food in take in clods seeds of lath corpus, and leprous perm fichus, Eugenia, palanquin, antifoams, young banana trees, bamboo shoots and rattan sprouts are also favored
Description of….Reproduction A single calf is born after 9 to 10 months of gestation. It is unclean whether reproduction is seasonal in the wild, but lowland anon as reproduction throughout the year in captivity, longevity in captivities is 20-30 years.
Description of…Attitude.
Description of….Anon

Adapted from

By: Erlin & Fitry

What being reported PEAFOWL General Information
Definition The term peafowl can refer to the two species of bird in the genus Pavo of the pheasant family,phasianidae.The African Congo Peafowl is placed in its own genus Arapaho an is not dealt with here.
Description of Anatomy The male (peacock) Indian Peafowl has iridescent blue green or green colored plumage. The train feathers have a series of eyes that are best seen when the tail is fanned. Both species have a crest a top the head. The female (peahen) Indian peafowl has a mixture of dull green, brown, and grey in her plumage. The male has green and gold plumage and has an erect crest. The wings are black with sheen of blue. Specific Information
Description of Habitat The Indian peafowl is a resident breeder in the Indian subcontinent. The peacock is designated as the national bird of India.
Description of Reproduction Such interference-based structural colors is especially in producing the peacock’s iridescent (which shimmer and change with viewing angle), since inter ferrous effects depend upon the angle of light, unlike chemical pigments.
Description of Attitude She lacks the long upper tail coverts of the male but has a crest. The female can also display her plumage to ward off female competition or danger to her young.
Description of Species The two species are: Indian Peafowl,Pavo Cristatus(Asiatic),Green Peafowl,Pavo Muticus(Asiatic).The Indian Peafowl is monotypic, while the Green Peafowl has 3 subspecies,P.Muticus specifer,P.m.Imperator and the nominate,P.m.Muticus.
Description of….
Adapted from


What being reported CAMEL General Information
Definition The dromedary or Arabian camel has a single hump, and the camel has two humps.
Description of Anatomy The average live expectancy of a camel is 40 to so years. A folly grown adult camel star as 1.85 m (6 ft l in) at the shoulder and 2.15 m (7 ft 1 in)at the hump. The hum rises about 30 inches (75 cm) out of its body. Can at up to 65 km/h (40 mph) in short burst and sustain speeds of up to 40 km/h (25 mph). Specific Information
Description of Habitat They (camel) native to the dry desert areas of western Asia, and central, and east Asia. These animals, import ed from TURKEY, were part of the us camel corps experiment and used as draft animals project was terminated.
Description of Diet Both species are domestic anted to provide milk and meat and beasts of burden.
Description of….
Description of….
Description of….
Adapted from


What being reported Iguana is genus of lizard native to tropical areas of central and south America and the Caribbean General Information
Definition The Word iguana derived from a Spanish from of the original taint name for the species ‘Iwana’
Description of anatomy…. The two species of lizard within the genus iguana presses a dewlap, a row of spines running down their back to their tail, and a third eye their head this eye known as the parries as a pale scale on the top of the head Specific Information
Description of habitat…. The green iguana, which is widespread through haut its ranged a popular pet add teleports until iguana. which is encl mid to the lesser Antilles and endangered due to habitat destruction
Description of diet…. Meat
Description of reproduction….
Description of attitude…. A fever species of iguanas like the Fiji banded are however found outside the new world
Description of iguana…. Iguana is genus of lizard native to tropical areas of central and south America and the Caribbean
Adapted from

BY: Nike Agustin and Resty NF

What being reported ANACONDA General Information
Definition But are pretty much defenseless against large predators a type of crocodilian.
Description of Anatomy Anacondas are related to boa constrictors. Specific Information
Description of Habitat Also known as the water boa, this giant, meat eater lives in swampy areas to tropical (Warm) south America. It spends a lot of time in shallow water, hidden from unsuspecting prey.
Description of Diet Anacondas are carnivores (meat-eaters), The mostly hunt of at night (They are nocturnal) Anacondas kill by constricting (squeezing) the prey until it can no longer breathe. After eating a large Animal, the anaconda needs no foods for a long time, and rest for weeks.
Description of Reproduction They give birth to live young, 20 to 40 baby snakes are born at one time.
Description of Attitude Like all snakes, they shallow the prey whole, head first. The anaconda’s top and bottom jaws are attached to each other with stretchy ligament, which let the snake swallow animals wider than it self.
Description of Species The young (called neonates) can care for them selves soon after birth, including hunting (but are pretty much defenseless against large predators). They eat small rodent (like rots and mice), baby birds, frogs and small fish.
Adapted from

Report on animal seal

What being reported SEAL General Information
Definition Formerly classified as a separate biological suborder, how sometimes considered a super family within California, a suborder in the carnivore order.
Description of anatomy Comparative anatomy an outride seal and a phobic seal. A mother seal voicing its displeasure at human intrusion. Specific Information
Description of habitat Atlantic and Australia
Description of diet Shallow water, then in streams or lakes, might at last be converted in an animal so thoroughly aquatic as to brace the open ocean.
Description of reproduction Males of many species, (e. g. elephant seals, south American sea lions, and northern fur seals) aggressively defend groups of specific females, referred to as harems.
Description of attitude The efficiency of their swimming and an array of other physiological adaptations make them better built for deep and long diving and long distance migrations.
Description of seal The smallest paneled, the Galapagos fur seal, weighs about 30 kg(65 lb) when full-grown and is 1.2 m(4 ft) long; the largest, the male southern elephant seal, is over 4 m(13 ft) long and weighs up to 2,200 kg(4,850 lb, more than 2 tons).
Adapted from


What being reported WHALE General Information
Definition This article is about the animals for other uses , see whale ( disambiguation )
Description of Anatomy…. Like all mammals, whales breathe air into lungs, are warm-blooded, feed their young milk from mammary gland, and have hair, although very little. The whale body is bursiform. The blue whale is the largest known mammal that has ever lived, and the largest living animal, at up to 35 m (105 ft) long and 150 tons. Specific Information
Description of habitat Kashmir , India , Canada , Japan
Description of diet Flesh and small fish
Description of reproduction Reproductive maturity occurs typically at seven to ten years his mode of reproduction spawns raw or spring , but provides each with survival probability
Description of Attitude To sprinkle water from blowhole
Description of whale species Cetaceans are divided into two suborders :
• The baleen whales are characterized by baleen, a sieve-like structure in the upper jaw made of keratin, which they use to filter plankton from the water. They are the largest whale suborder.
• The toothed whales use sharp teeth and prey on fish, squid, or both. an outstanding ability of this group is to sense their surrounding environment through echolocation
Adapted from

Portfolios of Procedures written by IX F SMP Negeri 3 Kalibagor 2010/2011 Academic Year

How Does Flood Happen

Written By Ika Wardianti

Edited By Yunita Lestari

Step : – the poeple throw the trash of any kind

– therefore the rain is heavy

– the river is can not smoothly flow

– then the river is overflow

– so the flood happen

How  To Make Keripik tempe

Writted By Ika Wardianti

Edited By Yunita Lestari


Step : – cut the tempe into slices

– smooth the seasoning

– mix the flour, water and seasoning

– dip the tempe on this batter

– fry with vegetable oil until it becomes crispy




How Does Earthquake Happen

Written By Fitri Nur H

Edited By Rahma Ade A

Step :

-It happens the shake of earth surface as a

result there is wave seismic towards the

stone layer or litosfer .

How To Make Concrete Briak Stone

Written By Fitri Nur H

Edited By Tri Wahyuni


– To mix the soil after wards pour the

ash sand with water until flat .

– Mold then dry , after dry burn them .




How Does Earth Quake Happen

Written By Rahma Ade A.

Edited By Fitri Nur H.



-The earth surface trembles as a result there was

seismic toards the stone layer or litosfer

and it breaks earth surface.


How Does Flood Happen

Writen by Solichati

Edited by Andri Pratomo

Flood happen because rain that fall down heavily, and river that full with rubbish. With rain down, river will clogged and rubbish that in river and river water will be out from the river. And that there fore then flood happen.

How to make “kripik”

Writen by Solichati

Edited by Andri Pratomo

Ingredients :

Wheat flour

Rice flour




Vegetables Oil


Leaf Kucai


How To Make Komboran



by danfi Astuti

Editor Inang Siti Rahayu

How Does Flood Happen


1.Rain is heavy

2.So, river couldn’t accommodate water

3.The river perforated

4.Because there aren’t tree’s can pervade  water

5.Then water is overflow

6.So flood happens





How To Make “Sale Pisang”

By Danfi Astuti

Editor Inang Siti Rahayu









-Frying Pan



1)Cut the banana, after the cut banana sunbathe during two day

2)After sunbathe, “Sale pisang” the take

3)Prepare flour,sugar,water,and vanilia

4)Take flour

5)Add sugar and vanilia with flour

6)Mix it dough

7)Turn on the stove

8)Add it dough into frying pan

9)Wait for 5 minutes

10)Lift,then leak through into a plate

11)Turn off the stove

12)”Sale pisang” is ready to serve













How Does Vulcanic Eruption

By inang siti rahayu

Editor Danfi astuti


1. Vulcanic eruption happen begins with there is sound thundering from mountain it

2. Then out of smoke dense or the often to name is ” Wedus Gembel “

3. After that does mountain out of lava and happen too quake vulcanic

4. So , happen is vulcanic eruption












How To Make ” Ketupat “

By Inang siti rahayu

Editor Danfi Astuti



MaterialsL :

Young coconut leaf


Steps :

1. Prepare the young coconut leaf

2. Then form become ” ketupat “

3. After that onderly the ” ketupat “

4. Ketupat is ready to be filed


How Does Flood Happen

By          Meli Indriani

Editor  Avi Mugi Lestari


1. In the year 2010 the weather is extreme.

2. There is no dry season, every day is raining.

3. It causes flood.

4. When the flood is coming, every body is panic.

5. When the flood is dry, left like rubbish, the home is very dirty and soon bother our nature.

6. Don’t cut the tress ilegally.

7. Keep our home clean and don’t throw away the rubbish every where.

8. When the rain falls every day, the flood and can happen.





How To Make Batik Work

By            Meli Indriani

Editor    Avi Mugi Lestari

Material :

1. Cloth.

2. Malam.

3. Face.

4. Hot plate.

5. Matches.

6. Small dipper.


Steps :

1. Prepare face.

2. Set fire hot palte with matches.

3. Place face upper hot plate.

4. Place “malam”.

5. Prepare cloth and small dipper for drawing.


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  1. david dev

    August 11, 2009 at 6:40 pm

    aq mnt tolong bt smua pngurus sltp n 1 kilibaor,tolong dong tampilkan daftar alumni/us dr thn plajaran 2000-2004
    tolong banget!!! trimakasih

  2. mamase

    February 3, 2010 at 4:50 am

    aku ra mudeng kuwe, oon ya…?????

  3. Danfi Astuti

    October 10, 2010 at 4:15 am


    • Danfi Astuti

      October 10, 2010 at 4:16 am

      Uizz pda , gwe zing ktikan kne Pk diro urg ?????

    • smpn3kalibagor

      October 17, 2010 at 4:21 pm


  4. Ayu Lestari IX E

    October 16, 2010 at 6:45 am

    How Does Flood Happen
    When the rain happens incessant, n become the river as leavy, river water is oferflow, it’s to wet all the land. And finally flood happens.

    di edit oleh Iis P. Rahayu

    • smpn3kalibagor

      October 17, 2010 at 4:21 pm

      yap…thank you very much

  5. slamet arifin

    November 18, 2011 at 1:47 am

    skarang smp 3 klibgor maju bgt ia pak….??????

    jdi pengin kembali ke smp lg loh…..

    • smpn3kalibagor

      February 17, 2012 at 4:42 pm

      Amin…Mohon doa restunya Mas Slamet… Lho kembali lagi ke sini boleh koq…. reuni, silaturahmi, temu kangen atau apa lah…kan pintu terbuka lebar… btw, terimaksih atas kunjungannya


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